About Us

“Making our District an Active St Albans”

Active St Albans is the Community Sport & Physical Activity Network (CSPAN) for St Albans City & District – an independent, voluntary-led organisation that looks to support local community clubs and organisations to deliver more, and better, sport and physical activity to the residents of the district.

The network was organised as part of Sport England’s campaign to develop an effective ‘Delivery System’ that enabled funding and information to filter down from national level to a local level. Creating ‘Community Sports Networks’ in each Local Authority allowed there to be a consistent approach to developing local sport and physical activity opportunities.

Active St Albans is financially supported by the St Albans City and District Council which enables us to carry on offering and providing support to local community sports clubs and organisations.

Physical Activity is the general term which describes any movement the body makes which requires energy. There are many types of physical activity including sport which through casual or organised participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing entertainment to participants. The benefits of sport and physical activity are substantial and can support development and change in a number of areas such as behaviour, education, health and wellbeing.

Our Aims

1. Increase the number of clubs who engage with Active St Albans.

We will work alongside national partners, and the Herts Sports Partnership, to ensure that an increased number of clubs engage with us so that we can develop opportunities for all residents to transfer into or participate in fun community sport and physical activity.

2. Encourage more clubs to attain a Clubmark status.

Clubmark is the universally acknowledged cross sport accreditation scheme for community sports clubs, which allows further development and improvement through a recognised Sport England process. Clubmark is centred around activity programmes, Duty of Care and welfare, knowing your club and community and club management. Active St Albans intends to ‘contribute to a high quality life for all residents by delivering excellent services, by working with the community, county, town and parish councils.’

3. Increase the number of CoachMark coaches within the St Albans District.

The CoachMark scheme is supported by both the Herts Sports Partnership and Hertfordshire County Council. The scheme establishes standards for the coaching of sport and physical activity in schools and other locations, and helps to safeguard young people who participate. The more coaches accredited on this scheme, the stronger the St Albans coaching community will be. CoachMark coaches within Hertfordshire will assist in meeting some of the aims and objectives of our partners.

4. Promote and increase participation in sport & physical activity throughout the District.

According to the Public Health Profile for St Albans (2013), the health of people in Hertfordshire is generally better than the England average. However, 37% of the total adult population within St Albans is inactive and this is something we intend to change for the better.

We will work in line with Sport England’s objectives to ‘create more opportunities for young people to play sport’ and will work in partnership with the School Games Organisers to make this happen. To increase the number of active adults, we will work alongside a key partner, the St Albans Sport & Health Development Team, to promote and increase participation in sport and physical activity throughout the District. For details on the sport, health and physical activity programmes that we coordinate please visit our sport and health development page.

5. Increase the value of external funding for sporting opportunities delivered by Active St Albans within the District.

Attracting investment for projects, local clubs and programmes in St Albans is necessary for the continued success of Active St Albans. The work of Active St Albans is dependent on funding, so we will continually seek funding to ensure participation in sport and physical activity is available for all residents. For details on funding opportunities for sport and physical activity within St Albans please see our funding page.

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To receive a ’How to guide’ for registering your club, please contact info@activestalbans.com

If you would like to speak to a member of the team please call 01727 866100.


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