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Fencing can be taken as a serious competitive sport, fitness regime or a recreational hobby. Fencing improves flexibility, reflexes, speed and agility that provide all rounded form of mental and physical exercise essential for total health and wellness. Fencing is a fantastic way to introduce children to respect and sportsmanship in a competitive environment, through individual and team exercises and competitions. Our activities aim to develop and improve an individual’s confidence, self-esteem, physical agility, social skills and fitness at the same time as them shining as a talented individual.

Why choose Paul Davis Fencing Academy?


“Paul Davis Fencing Academy is a fencing family” -  we create environments that foster friendship, respect, hard work and reward success. We create sessions that are fun, engaging, energetic and provide a service that is the same for all. We use fencing as a tool to develop a child’s wellbeing and contribution to their local community. Fencing is a cross-curricula sport that utilises skills sets like Maths, English, French, Analytical ability, Communication, fair play and  leadership to name but a few along with healthy living and regular exercise 

We have a number of Community hubs in St Albans and Harpenden, so please contact us for more details


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