The Budweiser Club Futures programme

The Budweiser Club Futures programme is a grant scheme for non-league clubs in steps 5–7 of the English football pyramid funded by The FA Cup’s lead sponsor, Budweiser.

Budweiser Club Futures will give eight grants of £50,000 to clubs across the country per season over the next two years.
Those grants aim to help clubs to become more financially sustainable by improving their facilities. Projects that could be funded by the grants include everything from building conference facilities, improving any part of the clubhouse interior or exterior, and expanding the car park. Anything that helps a club grow and play an even larger role in their local community.

Within each season, one of the chosen eight clubs will be given the chance to win an additional £100,000 super grant – as voted by football fans through the official FA Cup and Budweiser UK Facebook pages.

Budweiser Club Futures is part of Budweiser’s commitment to promoting Responsible Drinking, and each successful club will be given additional funding to run a community based Responsible Drinking activity in their area. Example activities include the promotion of a Designated Driver, encouraging families to educate their children about alcohol responsibility through the Family Talk programme and Good Sport – a training programme in responsible bartending.

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