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    These are the contact details that will appear on your club profile page and should be those you want people (such as prospective new members) to use when contacting your club – e.g. the contact details of your club secretary.

  • Main Contributor/User Details

    These are your contact details assuming that you will be the main user of this web site on behalf of your club – they will not appear on your club profile page. You will be sent a user name and password that will enable you to contribute news and events to this site and to amend your club profile and details.

  • There can be a maximum of two registered users of this web site on behalf of your club. If you wish to add a second user click on the tickbox above and then add their details when prompted.

  • Second Contributor/User Details

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A User Name and Password will be sent to the contributor/user email addresses after successful registration. NB. In some cases it may take a few days for your registration to be authorized.

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